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As Canada’s premiere Radiology Collaboration Service, the sites we serve are at the invitation of the on-site radiology group.

Teleradiology Services



On call? Ever wish you had backup? Since 2008, RealTime Medical has run an around-the-clock Radiology Collaboration Services network known as “RealTime Radiology” (RTR). As the largest private, Canadian-owned and operated teleradiology service, RTR offers reliable, high-quality and consistent 7/24/365 coverage as an extension of your onsite radiology team for all your sites. With a reputation for radiology quality and some of the best report turnaround times in the business, RealTime Radiology is a radiology collaboration and virtual locum service you can rely on.

All-Canadian Service

Teleradiology Service

Our network of Canadian licensed radiologists, locally present or licensed in your province or territory, is awake and ready to provide a quality reporting service. Our membership of 60+ Radiologists, many of whom are fellowship-trained, handles a full range of modalities and sub-specialties.

RealTime Radiology uses our AICloudSuite™ of products, AICloudWorks™, AICloudQA™ and AIKnowledgeEnable™ to streamline all diagnostic exams, processes, activities, and systems under one umbrella diagnostic operations platform.

Radiology QA Reviews

Teleradiology Service

Known For Quality

RealTime Medical is one of the few companies consistently requested to conduct high-sensitivity radiology quality audits. We are distinguished in our reputation for radiology quality and known for specific expertise in radiology quality audit methodology, advanced peer review technology and best practices in conducting fair and objective peer review.

Audits are conducted for radiology groups, provincial ministries of health, large hospital networks and the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA).

  • Reputation for quality
  • Largest private network of Canadian licensed radiologists
  • 12 years
  • 7/24/365 coverage
  • 8 Radiology Quality Audits
  • 5 Provinces

A recent audit client stated that they felt RealTime Medical was the only company in the country capable of the advanced audit work they required.

Join our Roster of Radiologists

Teleradiology Service

Be Part of Canada’s
Largest Private
Teleradiology Network

Reduce your workload, on-call stress and improve your quality of life with our teleradiology network of Canadian licensed radiologists.

RealTime Radiology™, Canada’s largest private Radiology Collaboration Services network, is always on the lookout for highly skilled, dedicated new Radiologists Members. Members are radiologists who join our teleradiology network to report on studies from hospitals and clinics across the country, aggregated by our AICloudSuite™ software platform.

The majority of our Radiologists Members are fellowship-trained, and, together, cover the full spectrum of sub-specialties.

Members recognize the significant positive impact an efficient, high-quality, multi-jurisdiction teleradiology network can have on the Canadian healthcare system. They are committed to advancing the strategic imperatives of the Canadian healthcare system, including equal access to sub-specialties regardless of location, faster turnaround times for better patient outcomes, improved bed utilization, increased health system capacity, reduced patient wait times, and faster evidence-based care.

Benefits for Our

  • Access to our pool of diagnostic imaging exams from multiple healthcare facilities, resulting in additional earning potential
  • Additional coverage and commitment incentives designed to reward those who enhance the quality of our teleradiology collaboration network
  • Work with an elegant software platform that is easy to learn and use
  • Enjoy significant improvements to lifestyle flexibility, including the ability to read from home
  • Being paid for every exam interpreted
Teleradiology Service

Once accepted, the Membership setup process is systematic and straightforward. We also handle processing of all of our Members’ paperwork with each of our image-producing clients.



Tracy van Noort MRT(R)
Director of Projects, Operations and Services ∙ RealTime Medical

What Customers are Saying?

Slide quotes2 quotes It can be very stressful as a Chief Radiologist. So having that ability to say, “okay, let's turn on RealTime Medical … that’s a huge benefit for a Chief. Dr. Darren Knibutat, MD, DVM, Staff Radiologist
Grand River & St. Mary’s General Hospital
Slide quotes2 quotes RealTime Radiology has provided us with consistent, reliable service, with high quality reports in a timely
Dr. Scott Good
Royal Victoria General Hospital
Slide quotes2 quotes We wanted the easiest integrative process and
RealTime Medical was the easiest one
to deploy with our hospital structure.
Dr. Darren Knibutat, MD, DVM, Staff Radiologist
Grand River & St. Mary’s General Hospital
Slide quotes2 quotes I didn't have to go and necessarily recruit another radiologist.
I just had to review and find the right teleradiology group that integrated well with our system.
Dr. Darren Knibutat, MD, DVM, Staff Radiologist
Grand River & St. Mary’s General Hospital
Slide quotes2 quotes When we selected RealTime Radiology as our teleradiology collaboration partner, we knew we could count on their Radiologists; the quality of their diagnostic
reports is unparalleled.
Ward Sullivan, CEO
VIP Breast Imaging
Slide quotes2 quotes RTM has been a true benefit to the lives of our patients
and to our group.
Dr. Darren Knibutat, MD, DVM, Staff Radiologist
Grand River & St. Mary’s General Hospital

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