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RealTime Medical

RealTime Medical is a leading provider of diagnostic efficiency and quality solutions for radiology. RTM operates one of Canada’s largest Radiology Collaboration Services networks covering over 30 hospital sites. This network is powered by the RealTime Medical platform, developed by clinicians, utilizes advanced AI to deliver optimal workflow, workload balancing and a first-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional peer learning experience.

The cloud-based delivery model serves both single and multi-site/multi-system environments through one common user interface. The platform’s standards-based messaging, means that it’s compatible with existing HIS/RIS/PACS systems.

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Private Radiology Collaboration Service in Canada with 30+ radiologists on staff


Trusted by provincial ministries of health, large hospital networks and the Canadian Medical Protective Association

Vision for nationwide improvements to increasing diagnostic efficiency and automating non-productive steps in the diagnostic process

Developed by clinicians like you in partnership with NRC to improve productivity and quality

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Global healthcare technologies selected by Google as partner


Exams Per Year High-Capacity Throughput In A Single Instance


Hospitals depend on RealTime Medical to provide Radiology Collaboration Services across the country


Productivity increases with our patented A.I. (artificial intelligence) software platform

What We Do

Our Radiology Workflow Solution help to resolve many time-consuming issues physicians experience every day.

The problems we solve are how to:

  • workload balance and orchestrate workflow in a multi-site, multi-system environment;
  • have a single medical workflow solution at the high exam volumes of a large network;
  • have a uniform approach to integrating external AI into radiologist’s workflow;
  • keep up with the latest findings;
  • mitigate risk with software-based error avoidance and skills development;
  • save time, money and improve quality of care.


Capable of orchestrating work across multiple systems while processing 40M exams per year in a single instance.

Ease of Integration

Single integration layer. Uniform way to integrate AI into imaging radiologist workflow.

RealTime Medical teleradiology solution

Communication and Collaboration

Collaborate with peers across systems. Automatically generate and escalate critical results.

Diagnostic Quality

The most advanced peer learning, skills development, and error avoidance system on the market.

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Software Solutions


Improve efficiency and quality
of care with AICloudSuite
• Easily integrate the latest AI
• Increase productivity
• Communicate and collaborate

Let us explore how we can make a difference for you and your organization:


Most advanced skills development and peer learning system on the market today.


Power, Flexibility, Ease of Integration and Ease of Use with Intelligent workload balancing.



Save time, reduce risk, and keep up with the latest findings. Feel better about what you do and how you do it.

Radiology Collaboration Services

  • Largest private network of Canadian licensed radiologists
  • With over 100 Canadian licensed, subscribing radiologists
  • 7/24/365 coverage
  • 8 radiology quality audits
  • 5 provinces
  • Runs on RTM’s AICloudSuite of products and informs further AICloudSuite development

Interested in accessing our network of qualified radiologists or conducting a radiology quality audit?

Dr. Darren Knibutat, Staff Radiologist at Grand River & St. Mary’s General Hospital

“I just had to review and find the right teleradiology group that integrated well and mesh with our system.”

What Customers are Saying

Dr. Karen Finlay, Chief of Radiology, Hamilton Health Sciences

“What we had seemed so much richer and had so much more potential that we were interested in keeping it.”

Dr. Colin L. Taylor, Radiologist

“Helps us both manage our worklists and report cases in a timely fashion.”

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