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Unparalleled Functionality and Flexibility

Real Time Medical’s Workflow Management, Workload Balancing and “Diagnostic Operations” Platform, AICloudWorks™ (formerly known as DiaShare), is one the most comprehensive solution suites of its kind on the market today. It has a level of granularity, accuracy and exam processing capacity in a single instance not typically found in other intelligent worklist solutions. For example, workflow orchestration and study assignment can be determined by any specific or combination of parameters available from the DICOM and HL7 associated with a case. The system will also dynamically adjust workload in response to real-time changes in your diagnostic demands in keeping with rules you set.

AICloudWorks is the first software suite to fully apply and implementReal Time Medical conceived “context-aware workflow management” for diagnostic imaging. Our clients have experienced a 15% – 35% increase in productivity, increasing the diagnostic capacity of their organizations.

Easily Scalable and Seamlessly Vendor Neutral

Because AIСloudWorks is HIS/RIS/PACS-neutral, you can use the solution while leveraging investment in your existing IT infrastructure. The solution is designed to be used across multiple sites and systems. Architected with large-scale implementations in mind: a single instance of AICloudWorks is capable of handling 40M transactions a year in a single instance.

The Problems We Solve

Include how to: workload balance and orchestrate workflow in a multi-site, multi-system environment; have a single workflow solution at the high exam volumes of a large network; have a uniform approach to integrating external AI into radiologist’s workflow; keep up with the latest findings; mitigate risk with software based error avoidance and skills development.

Core Functionality









Slide Real Time Radiology has provided us with consistent, reliable service, with high quality reports in a timely
Dr. Scott Good
Slide When we selected Real Time Radiology as our teleradiology collaboration partner, we knew we could count on their Radiolgists; the quality of their diagnostic
reports is unparalleled.
Ward Sullivan, CEO
VIP Breast Imaging
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and timely feedback...
David Wormald MRT(R)(MR), BA, MBA
Assistant VP at HHS and SJHH
Slide ...amazingly reliable and excellent at seamlessly integrating with the hospitals’ and clinics’
PACS/RIS systems...
Dr. John Bennett

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