Harness artificial intelligence and collective intelligence to cut through the COVID-19 information clutter

Focus on quality COVID-19 information to support your health decisions.

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Knowing is Half the Battle.
Noise is a Barrier to Knowledge

With Hundreds of New Scientific Findings Published Every Day,
How Do You Determine What’s Relevant?

RealTime Medical, in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance program, developed COVID AIKnowledgeEnable™ (COVIDKE) to help healthcare professionals and the public make better-informed decisions for their patients, their families and themselves – in one integrated platform.

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COVID AI Knowledge Enabled Mobile App
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Arming both healthcare
professionals and the public

COVIDKE is specifically designed for both healthcare professionals and the public to help them make better-informed decisions for their patients, their families and themselves. It’s an information location tool that allows users to engage in research and education by helping them to locate trustworthy medical articles and other resources. The application’s features, including ratings and commentary from healthcare professionals, assist users in determining which articles will be most helpful to them.

COVIDKE compiles the most recent, relevant and reliable research in an easily accessible interface to provide a valuable time-saving tool for users. The app combines an AI-enabled search of multiple trusted, peer-reviewed, medical data sources with the collective intelligence of direct physician input to deliver the most relevant current findings and actionable advice for your search criteria.

Users benefit from seeing information right from the original source and how physicians and their peers have evaluated that information. Along with any insights, or recommendations they may have about a particular finding.

This clinical decision support app can help streamline the decision-making of physicians and front-line workers and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Physicians can collaborate in real time on the latest findings, sharing their insights, in one integrated platform.

Where Artificial Intelligence
Meets Collective Intelligence

COVIDKE provides a social platform for the collective intelligence of healthcare professionals including confidence ratings, best practice sharing and related feedback.

Collective Intelligence Provides Clarity

Find out what medical studies are trending and which are the most trusted by physicians. Now everyone can access medical information with more clarity to help make better decisions.

Healthcare professionals and the public will also be able to use a subsequent version of COVIDKE to research the latest data on ANY medical – not just COVID-19.

Please note:
This app does not provide
contact tracing or exposure notification.

Knowing is half the battle


Covid-19 information access + Clinical decision support app

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