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Patient & Physician
Results Communication

Monitor Urgent Findings

RealTime Medical’s patient and physician results communication system is a comprehensive AICloudSuite inclusive of critical results notification, acknowledgement monitoring and escalation with full audit capabilities. The system monitors doctor responses to ensure urgent findings have been received and acknowledged by the physician. If the physician has not acknowledged the urgent findings – such as when tied up with another patient – the system will automatically escalate those findings to a broader care team to attend to the patient.

A System You Can Rely On

AICloudSuite provides hospitals with a consistent method of notifying physicians that results are available. The technology helps to ensure that urgent findings have been received and acknowledged by a referring physician. By managing the notifications generated by urgent findings, physicians awaiting critical results are notified directly to their Smartphones or pagers. For security and privacy reasons, physicians are not sent the results directly; instead, they receive a notification that there is an urgent finding for a specific patient number, which they can then access with proper authentication.

Free up More Time for Patients

In places like hospital emergency departments, or elsewhere in a hospital, when physicians have to chase down reports it can take up valuable time. With a good critical results management system, doctors don’t have to run back-and-forth checking a computer terminal, or make phone calls asking if a test result is in. Instead, the notification, and management of urgent findings is taken care of by AICloudSuite. The type of automation that AICloudSuite provides helps physicians spend less time on administrative functions and more time on patients.

Seamless Integration

Teleradiology Service

Known For Quality

RealTime Medical is one of the few companies consistently requested to conduct high-sensitivity radiology quality audits. We are distinguished in our reputation for radiology quality and known for specific expertise in radiology quality audit methodology, advanced peer review technology and best practices in conducting fair and objective peer review.

We can use a variety of methods for conducting quality audits; however, our typical approach includes:

  • A rigorous, well-documented, consistent, automated process;
  • Referring physicians should readily understand the output of the review, despite different reporting styles (normalization);
  • Findings of potential discrepancy are subjected
    to additional review (arbitration);
  • If the arbitration (3rd interpretation) can not establish a majority consensus concerning the result, a committee review is required;
  • Monitoring trends among the reviewer to watch for individual biases towards “overcalling” or “undercalling”;
  • Maintaining a clear audit trail

A recent audit client stated that they felt RealTime Medical was the only company in the country capable of the advanced audit work desired.

Enzo Costanza - RealTime Medical


Enzo Costanza
VP of Product Development & Implementation ∙ RealTime Medical

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