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Ian Maynard

CEO and Co-Founder

  • Mississauga ON CANADA

A 25 year veteran of the Canadian healthcare and IT markets, primarily in the area of radiology and healthcare systems solutions

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A 25 year veteran of the Canadian healthcare and IT markets, primarily in the area of radiology systems solutions (PACS, tele-radiology) and healthcare systems.

Extensive experience in customer-focused solution platforms, sales and operations, Mr. Maynard has held positions of national responsibility at GE Healthcare Canada and as Vice-President and subsequently Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Sales and Development for a small Canadian healthcare software company. He began his focus in the Canadian healthcare sector as a 9 year foundational member of GE Canada’s Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) business unit, helping to establish the early business unit which grew from a three person, $1 million per year unit in orders and sales, to a fifty person, $80 million per year operation in combined orders and sales, including personal combined orders and sales of $24 million. Twice awarded GE's All Star Award, Mr. Maynard was also the recipient of GE Healthcare IT's global Austin Martin Award. Mr. Maynard has a well established reputation for responding to customer requirements and delivering on his commitments.

Prior to his focus on Canadian healthcare, Mr. Maynard worked for a large, multi-national, systems integration and software company for five years. He held the position of Managing Consultant while helping to establish a new business unit and market for the company, namely the company's EDI Business Unit, for which he was awarded the company’s Canada-wide Award of Excellence for Business Development. He began his early engineering career as a Systems Engineer with Spar Aerospace, maker of the famed US Space Shuttle's "Canada Arm" and numerous commercial and defense satellites, where he also served as President of the Spar Engineers and Scientists Association representing the company's 150 + engineers and scientists. P.Eng; M.Sc, Aerospace Engineering; MBA, Business Strategy and Marketing.

Industry Expertise

Health Care - Providers

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy
Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Radiology Systems Solutions
Canadian Health Care System

Media Appearances

Take charge of your health with quality COVID-19 information

Toronto Star  online


“Imagine a physician looking at a scan of an aortic aneurysm, and a recent research paper from Mayo clinic pops up with insights that helps with the recommended course of treatment for that patient,” explains Ian Maynard, CEO, Real Time Medical.

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New Canadian app working to 'cut through the information clutter' of COVID-19

CTV News  online


"It really is a tool that attempts to combine both artificial intelligence and collective intelligence in real time on a single integrated platform to help users engage in research and education by helping them locate trustworthy articles," RTM CEO and co-founder Ian Maynard told CTVNews.ca.

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Real Time Medical Launches AI-Enabled App to Deliver Peer-Reviewed Data and Advice to Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic

Newswire  online


"With a resurgence of COVID-19 infections in multiple jurisdictions in North America and around the world, and the start of a new school year, people need a way to zero-in on the valid scientific data and advice required to keep their families and patients safe – and to cut confidently through the clutter of misinformation," said Ian Maynard, RTM's CEO and Co-Founder.

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Real Time launches AI-powered quality assurance solution

Canadian Healthcare Technology  online


“Many systems amount to nothing more than an arbitrary one case per user, per day, regardless of the number of diagnoses generated,” said Maynard. “That’s really nothing more than a “check the box”, we do peer review approach. Other systems have users comment on a historical exam while interpreting the current. Not only is that approach objectively invalid because the historical report is not anonymized, but more importantly, historical exams can be 6 or 12 months old. The patient is being rescanned for a reason, likely a worsening of symptoms. These solutions are behind the times, and they fall far short of what we’re capable of as a country.”

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Real Time Medical collaborates with Google Cloud and Client Outlook to launch AICloudQA™ solution

Business Insider  online


Ian Maynard, Real Time Medical CEO, explains: "We understand that clients are seeking to implement solutions capable of both prospective and retrospective peer review while also providing the advanced learning opportunities for physicians and quality improvement for patients that artificial intelligence enables. With Google Cloud Platform regions located in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, India, Singapore and Australia, the solution will enable large-scale peer learning networks while providing flexibility to deploy resources in specific locations or address multi-regional and global needs."

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Award of Excellence for Business Development, Canada


All Star Award, General Electric (GE)


Healthcare IT's Global Austin Martin Award, General Electric (GE)



University of Ottawa


Business Strategy and Marketing

Texas A&M University


Aerospace Engineering

University of Ottawa




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System and method for management and distribution of diagnostic imaging


2014A method of distributing an image study to a chosen image reader is disclosed having steps of receiving an image study from an image producer at a third party communication module, sending a receive notification message to a messaging layer, sending a study available notification message from the messaging layer to a workload distribution engine wherein the available notification message includes extracted image study information pulled from study headers of the image study, identifying image study rules from the extracted image study information, applying an image study complexity to the image study based on the image study rules, calculating image reader complexities for a plurality of image readers subscribed to receive image studies from the image producer, each of the image reader complexities calculated using the image study complexity and an Image reader profile assigned to each of the plurality of accredited image readers, selecting the chosen image reader from the plurality of image readers based on the image reader complexities, assigning the image study to the chosen image reader, and displaying the image study on a user interface to the chosen image reader.

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