Q: Why use this app?

1.  Do you have a private, readily accessible and centralized place to:

  • keep track of which prescription medications, vitamins and supplements you’re taking, ingredients that you’re sensitive to, possible contraindications, dosing and reminders?
  • record your own observations and trends for sharing with your circle of care?
  • collect, share and collaborate on latest findings and your own personal trends with your circle of care, family, friends or personal care network?

2. Do you have your own medical bot that continuously scans for the latest medical breakthroughs and findings of interest to you and alerts you when findings are relevant to you?

3. If the answer to any of the above is no, then MediLife360 – the app that has your back – is for you.

4. MediLife360 enables users to track their medical trends, continuously scan for breakthroughs on medical conditions of interest to them, directly access source medical data, articles, healthcare provider content and comments, and connect directly with researchers and healthcare providers for more information on topics of interest to you.

5. No advertising.  No sharing of information with third parties.  Just a centralized way of keeping track of health topics and information that matter to you and an automated way to keep on top of the latest findings.

Q: What data is collected by the app?

1. Only data that you enter is stored for your personal access only. No data is ever shared with third parties. Operationally, only the following user identification / app usage information is stored or collected:

  • username and email for account management, app maintenance and direct messaging
  • topics of interest selected by the user to personalize user education and search results.
  • Data the user chooses to enter to enable app functions such as reminders, contraindication warnings and diary features. 

2. Your information is your own.  This app was created to provide health information, not to collect it. 

3. See terms of use and privacy and security policy for full details.

Q: How do I use the app?

MediLife360 is easy and intuitive to use and provides a number of features which aim to centralize all your medical related information in one place. It is a current, convenient, centralized means of keeping track of health information, breakthroughs, latest findings, and trends of interest to you conditions to watch for including your allergies, conditions, medications, supplements, potential conflicts or contraindications and observations for sharing with members of your personal circle of care.

Q: How does the News section work?

Q: How does the News section work?

The News section is a comprehensive medical magazine, which hosts a wide array of health and wellness, and medical-related content. Please see the video below to see how it works.

Q: How do I manage topics?

The articles you see in the News section are driven by topics you can subscribe to. Please see the video below on how you can manage topics of interest to you.

Q: How do I share content with others?

You can also share content with others through the MediLife360 app.

Q: How does My Meds work?

My Meds allows users to track and manage medication schedules and see their medication history.

Q: How does Medical History work?

Medical History is an advanced note-taking feature that allows recording and viewing of graphed trends over time of several health-related measurements. The Diary focuses on allowing users to record as many elements of their health and well-being into the app as desired for their own records and sharing with healthcare providers and circle of care members.

Q: How can I reset my Password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click the ‘Forgot Password’ link in the Sign In page and enter your email to get a reset link. You can also perform a password reset when you’d like by going to the More section, tapping ‘Reset Password’ and adding your email address.

Q: How do I cancel an iPhone mobile app subscription?

You can manage subscriptions on your iPhone through your Settings app. Please see Apple’s support page for details.

Q: How do I cancel an Android mobile subscription?

You can manage subscriptions on your Android phone through your Play Store app. Please see Google’s support page for details.

Q: How do I manage notifications?

Notifications need to be managed through your device settings. Please see the video below on how you can do this on your iPhone.