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MediLife360 aims to centralize all your medical related information in one place or one app. It is a current, convenient, centralized and cognizant means of keeping track of health information, breakthroughs, latest findings, and trends of interest to you conditions to watch for including your allergies, conditions, medications, supplements, potential conflicts or contraindications and observations for sharing with members of your personal circle of care.

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A comprehensive medical magazine, which hosts a wide array of medical-related content.


Allows users to track and manage medication schedules and see their medication history.



An advanced note-taking feature that allows recording and viewing of graphed trends over time of several health-related measurements. The Diary focuses on allowing users to record as many elements of their health and well-being into the app as desired for their own records and sharing with healthcare providers and circle of care members.


Allows users to look for information on any product, supplement or medication to assess the potential impact on conditions to watch for and your overall health.



This feature allows the user to add and manage friends, family or colleagues as connections inside the application. Connections may be used in different ways in the app, such as content sharing in News, missed dose reminders in the Journal and creating your private circle of care.

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