Improving Patient Care, One Community at the Time

The Deep River and District Hospital shared updates in the November 2021 Newsletter The Zinger. RealTime Medical’s platform now supports their radiology department with remote Radiology [...]

Vancouver Imaging to Implement RealTime Medical’s Platform

VANCOUVER – Vancouver Imaging, a group of over 70 radiologists, has signed on to use RealTime Medical’s smart workload balancing, physician skills development and error-avoidance platform. [...]

Innovators bring AI into imaging skills development

By Jerry Zeidenberg October 30, 2019 Two Ontario hospital organizations – encompassing six sites – will soon deploy artificial intelligence to help with continuous learning and peer review in [...]

A New Way to Deliver Better Results for Radiology

Using Artificial Intelligence What if you could better compete with free-standing imaging centers and improve patient care across multiple medical disciplines while also generating higher [...]

The Application of AI to Augment Physicians

RealTime Medical was recently featured in Heath Affairs blog’s article: “The Application of AI to Augment Physicians and Reduce Burnout”. Excerpt below: Quality Measurement Each [...]

RealTime Medical Announces Service for Healthcare AI Application Development

TORONTO, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – RealTime Medical is pleased to announce a new AI training, research and validation service to aid AI application development for healthcare as part of [...]

RealTime Medical collaborates with Google Cloud and Client Outlook to launch AICloudQA™ solution

TORONTO, March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – AICloudQA™ is a new secure, expandable healthcare quality-assurance system that combines Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure, Client [...]

The Mount Sinai Hospital Increases Interoperability Capabilities with Multi-ology Workflow Software

Toronto, ON – November 22, 2016 – RealTime Medical is pleased to announce the expansion of RealTime Medical’s DiaShare™ radiology workflow and productivity platform within the area of cardiology [...]

New Cloud-Based Quality Software for Canadian Hospitals and Clinics

RealTime Medical’s CloudQA makes anonymous peer learning simple and affordable. Toronto, ON – November 15, 2016 – RealTime Medical has just announced the launch of Radiology Quality Assurance, [...]

Our Peer Review Story

A Canadian Peer Review Pioneer: For years RealTime Medical has placed diagnostic imaging peer review as a focus for innovation. In November of 2009, RealTime used DiaShare for the first time to [...]

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