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Since 2008, RealTime Medical (RTM) has served the radiology community, as a leading provider of software and teleradiology services. The RTM radiology software platform, developed by clinicians, utilizes advanced AI to deliver optimal workflow, workload balancing and first-of-a-kind peer learning, delivering efficiency and quality improvements that advance patient care while reducing physician burnout. RTM software has been licensed by organizations including Accenture, GE Healthcare, and Agfa Healthcare.

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Developed by clinicians like you in partnership with NRC to improve productivity and quality


With a reputation for quality. Trusted by provincial ministries of health, large hospital networks and the Canadian Medical Protective Association.

Vision for nation-wide improvements to diagnostic efficiency and automating non-productive steps in the diagnostic process


Productivity Increase


Exams Per Year High-Capacity Throughput In A Single Instance


Canadian hospitals and independent
healthcare facilities served

Leadership Team

ian maynard

Ian Maynard

P.Eng, MSc, MBA, CEO and Co-Founder 

nadine koff

Nadine Koff

MD President and Co-Founder

david koff

David Koff

MD, Professor Emeritus, Chairman              and Co-Founder

Enzo Costanza - RealTime Medical

Enzo Costanza

P.Eng, VP of Product Development & Implementation


Tracy van Noort

MRT (R), Director of Operations and Projects

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What Customers are Saying

Slide This system offers so many advantages as compared with traditional methods of Peer Review. It’s a new era of peer learning for radiologists. Dr. Karen Finlay, Chief of Radiology
Hamilton Health Sciences
Slide Referring clinicians elsewhere in the hospital … can determine which radiologists it's [a case] is assigned to and reach out directly and we can go through it. Dr. Colin L. Taylor, Radiologist
RealTime Medical
Slide With AICloudQA prospective peer review, we are able to change reports prior to their release, which is a huge advantage for patient care and risk mitigation. Dr. Karen Finlay, Chief of Radiology
Hamilton Health Sciences
Slide Amazingly reliable and excellent at seamlessly integrating with the hospitals and clinics PACS/RIS systems. Dr. John Bennett, Radiologist
Slide One of the unique features of RealTime software is the fact that it actually workload balances automatically across all available reporting radiologists. This really helps us both manage our work lists and report cases in a timely fashion. Dr. Colin L. Taylor, Radiologist
RealTime Medical
Slide We wanted the easiest integrative process and RealTime Medical was the easiest one to deploy
with our hospital structure.
Dr. Darren Knibutat, Radiologist
Grand River & St. Mary’s General Hospital
Slide Our team is seeing value in the RealTime Medical platform, particularly with the shared learning that's coming out in our rounds with the ability to share different guidelines and literature and being able to marry them up to cases. Dr. Karen Finlay, Chief of Radiology
Hamilton Health Sciences
Slide We wanted the easiest integration process and it ended up that Real Time Medical was the best one to deploy. Dr. Karen Finlay, Chief of Radiology
Hamilton Health Sciences

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