Top 5 Teleradiology Myths

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With medical imaging now used in more than 80% of hospital admissions, Teleradiology has become a staple of the healthcare system, delivering essential services for many hospital departments, including emergency medicine, oncology, and surgery. Teleradiology services are helping healthcare providers gain more control and flexibility by providing timely access to specialized radiology expertise. They also help extend coverage during peak events and remote locations while increasing efficiency. However, when considering various options, it’s important to explore some of the myths surrounding Teleradiology services. 


Quality is never an issue with RealTime Medical’s trained radiologists. All our staff radiologists have the same level of training of the local radiologists they complement, and most are fellowship trained in their subspecialty. They are all licensed in Canada and accredited by the hospital(s) they work for. All engage in Peer Learning to ensure the highest quality of care.




RealTime Medical ensures you have the level of control you need. Teleradiology services give healthcare providers a unique on-demand way to ensure continuity of care when radiology staffing is insufficient to cover peak periods, nights, weekends, and holidays. Teleradiology functions as an extension of the department and does not compete with the local radiologists.




RealTime Medical provides an unparalleled level of collaboration. While some believe Teleradiology reduces personal interaction between radiologists and their colleagues, our staff radiologists find they enjoy a very collaborative working relationship with their clinician colleagues on-site as they work as an extension of the hospital team. Cloud-based technology now enables an unprecedented amount of collaboration between multiple locations 24/7.




RealTime Medical ensures you are compliant with critical data protection and regulations. Teleradiology service providers implement strict security measures such as secure cloud networks and encryption to protect patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access to patient information. This also ensures compliance with critical data protection regulations. Additionally, clients have the ability to regularly audit access to detect any unauthorized access or activity.




RealTime Medical attracts high-quality radiologists with competitive compensation. We strictly apply the fee schedule enacted by the Ministry of Health for each jurisdiction, and there is no side negotiation with hospitals, institutions, or regional authorities or undercutting of applicable radiology fees.



RealTime Medical’s Teleradiology Services are helping healthcare providers gain more flexibility by providing timely access to specialized radiology expertise. They also help extend coverage during difficult-to-staff times, peak events, or remote locations while increasing ER efficiency. Sign up for a FREE assessment today!

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