Improving Patient Care, One Community at the Time

The Deep River and District Hospital shared updates in the November 2021 Newsletter The Zinger. RealTime Medical’s platform now supports their radiology department with remote Radiology coverage.

“On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the organization transitioned our Diagnostic Imaging Radiology services to a third-party service provider, RealTime Medical (RTM) to support our X-ray and Ultrasound reading. Thank you to everyone who helped make the transition go smoothly. The turnaround time for reports has significantly improved from previous services. At times, patients are still in the Emergency Department when reports are received, which is a significant improvement and benefit to patient care!

RTM provides 24-hours a day/ 7 days a week remote Radiology coverage, and a Radiologist is available 24/7. Posters with contact information for RTM have been posted on the Medical and Emergency Department nursing stations, as well as in the Physician room on medical.”

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