A New Way to Deliver Better Results for Radiology

Using Artificial Intelligence

What if you could better compete with free-standing imaging centers and improve patient care across multiple medical disciplines while also generating higher revenue? And what if you could do this while your radiologists practiced at the top of their game?

Now you can.

RealTime Medical has created a novel platform called AICloudQA™ that both reduces variability and increases throughput across radiology sites, while improving quality and safety.

Leveraging the Google Cloud Infrastructure, AICloudQA™ offers advanced, anonymized peer learning and AI-assisted knowledge improvement for radiologists. This highly secure, expandable healthcare quality assurance system integrates Google’s Cloud Platform, Client Outlook’s eUnity viewer and RealTime Medical’s intelligent peer learning solution.

In addition, you can access our advanced workload balancing platform to increase group diagnostic efficiency by 15% – 35% so you can achieve greater outputs and revenue with our corresponding Google Cloud offering AICloudWorks™.

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