The Application of AI to Augment Physicians

RealTime Medical was recently featured in Heath Affairs blog’s article: “The Application of AI to Augment Physicians and Reduce Burnout”. Excerpt below:

Quality Measurement

Each year, US physicians spend an average of 2.6 hours per week on the reporting of quality measures. This is time that could be spent caring for an additional nine patients. While most of this time is spent entering information into the medical record, physicians are also tasked with tracking quality measure specifications and developing and implementing data collection processes. AI could be used to automatically review clinical documents and either extract information for quality reporting or populate missing data fields. Today, similar AI-enabled tools are being used for diagnosis coding and risk adjustment. In radiology, RealTime Medical has commercialized an AI-based application to help physicians meet peer review requirements in a way that requires less physician effort yet is more relevant for quality improvement. “

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