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Real Time Medical’s CloudQA makes anonymous peer review simple and affordable.

Toronto, ON – November 15, 2016 – Real Time Medical has just announced the launch of DiaShare™ CloudQA: the first Canadian peer review subscription service for specialists such as: Radiologists, Cardiologists, Pathologists and Ophthalmologists. Now experts across Canada can participate collaboratively and confidentially to review each other’s work by providing their diagnostic feedback. This means CloudQA helps physicians improve their skills while providing quality assurance oversight to benefit patients. Physicians with matching sub-specialty skills can review each other’s work anonymously, across large-scale peer review networks. The cross-section of peers and level of objectivity using CloudQA would not be possible within a single hospital or clinic.

Hospitals and individual physician groups can avoid incurring the large capital expense associated with acquiring individual solutions on their own, because CloudQA is accessed as a monthly subscription. Signup is reasonably priced and subscription costs are determined from volume, or on a per-user rate based on length of subscription. Real Time Medical CEO, Ian Maynard, explains: “our affordable yet comprehensive approach to peer review benefits all Canadians by eliminating many of the barriers and deficiencies found in traditional approaches.”

Unlike traditional solutions that require users to adopt system-wide sampling rates for all exam types, despite individual needs, CloudQA sampling allows physicians to get feedback relative to each sub-specialty and exam type. Some solutions even use an arbitrary one diagnostic case per day sampling rate regardless of the number of cases an individual generates. However, CloudQA uses statistically valid, random sampling providing participants with more useful, individualized information as a basis for their continuous quality improvement programs.

“A valid approach to diagnostic quality improvement for physicians and patients must begin with statistically valid, individualized results”, says Maynard. “Results must be valid if they are to be taken seriously, or provide value to participants. Non-statistically valid approaches fall far short of the benefits envisioned for the implementation of quality assurance solutions. They can also create a dangerously false impression of quality assurance improvement for the participants and the patients they serve.

CloudQA enables physicians to sign up as individuals, groups, hospitals or groups of hospitals, enabling quality oversight and peer review for even the smallest operation. This is particularly important for radiology given that over 50-60% of all exams in Canada are performed in small private clinic settings staffed by one or two radiologists which is insufficient to establish objective peer review and collaboration. Establishing large-scale peer review for both big and small diagnostic operations means affordable quality oversight for the entire exam pool that Canadians depend on for diagnosis and treatment.

CloudQA is pHIPAA compliant. It is housed on Canadian soil and runs out of the same highly secure data centre used by large institutions, such as banks.

Like with cloud-based peer review, Real Time was also first to create and deploy prospective peer review – an approach that enables physicians to detect potential diagnostic errors before they occur. Early adopters of the first Canadian cloud-based diagnostic peer review will benefit from incentive pricing with no long-term commitments.

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About Real Time Medical

Real Time Medical is a diagnostic workflow innovation company. It develops vendor-neutral, context-aware workflow management software solutions. These solutions organize diagnostic reporting services across medical disciplines. Real Time Medical’s diagnostic sharing platform, DiaShare™, improves the timeliness, efficiency and quality of service delivery to patients. It provides workload balancing, critical results communication, and prospective or retrospective peer review.

Real Time Medical also operates the only nationwide, round-the-clock radiology service in Canada, using its DiaShare™ workflow management platform. Real Time Medical has worked with about 50 hospitals and clinics across Canada, USA and Europe. For more information please visit:


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