Mitigating Intellectual Property Liability Risks for Healthcare Providers

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Real Time Medical announces US and Canada patent approval for its workflow assignment, workload balancing and productivity platform.

TORONTO, Dec. 2, 2014 – Real Time Medical has just announced patent approval in in 5 global jurisdictions including the US and Canada for its utilization and productivity improvement solution suite. Making it the only patented, multi-ology applicable (radiology, pathology, cardiology, etc.) of its kind. Real Time’s solution suite is patented or patent pending in 39 global jurisdictions worldwide including Europe.

In addition to boasting the highest reliability, highest assignment accuracy and highest throughput solution, Real Time Medical enables Healthcare providers wishing to use a solution with protected IP status to best safeguard their investments and mitigate IP infringement risks. “There have been recent examples of healthcare service providers having to discontinue use of purchased solutions due to those solutions alleged infringement on protected intellectual property and existing patents,” stated Ian Maynard, CEO and Co-founder of Real Time Medical. “This results in significant cost – lost investment, repeat investment, opportunity cost – and disruption of operations for those healthcare providers,” continued Maynard.

Use of non-patented software (or solutions without IP right confirmations such as a license from patent holders or Freedom to Operate) can pose an additional threat and undue level of risk to healthcare providers of being drawn into operationally disruptive, time consuming, costly discovery processes associated with patent infringement proceedings.

Real Time Medical Co-Founder and CEO, Ian Maynard, explains: “We believe it is our responsibility to assure our clients of the IP protected status of our solution and the soundness of their investment. As a result, our clients benefit technically, legally and operationally from an improved risk profile. In short, having a patent for our workflow and peer review software helps our clients protect their investment.”

Real Time Medical’s solution suite, DiaShare™, is “multi-ology” capable (applicable to multiple medical disciplines. It has already been successfully used for both multi-site, cross-system Radiology and Pathology deployments. This makes the DiaShare™ the only patented and proven multi-ology capable, workload-balancing, workflow and peer review platform on the market today. It offers maximum leverage on clinical productivity improvement investments with enterprise-wide applicability.

Learn more about DiaShare™ at RSNA 2014 Booth# 5713 South Building, Hall A; November 30th to December 4th in Chicago.


About Real Time Medical

Real Time Medical is a diagnostic imaging workflow innovation company. It develops vendor-neutral, context-aware workflow management software solutions. These solutions organize the reporting services in complex diagnostic imaging organizations more efficiently and productively. Real Time Medical’s platform, DiaShare™, improves the quality and accuracy of service delivery to patients with the highest reliability, highest assignment accuracy and highest throughput solution.

Real Time Medical also operates the only nationwide, round-the-clock radiology service in Canada, using the DiaShare context-aware, workflow management platform.

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Real Time Medical

Ian Maynard, P.Eng., M.Sc.,

MBA CEO & Co-Founder

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