Combining Radiology Peer Review and Quality Assurance

SearchHealthIT featured an article about peer review in their Essential Guide for Conference coverage of RSNA 2013 annual radiology meeting. DiaShare is discussed in the following excerpt from the article Digital radiology may improve accuracy, quality with peer review by Joseph Kim:

“As U.S. radiologists convene for RSNA 2013 in Chicago, some of their Canadian counterparts in Ontario have already forged ahead in using digital platforms to facilitate radiology peer review. The Integrated Department of Diagnostic Services at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) are early adopters of using digital radiology technology in a framework that combines a radiology peer review and quality assurance platform working in real-time.

In October, four hospitals in Canada started using this platform, called DiaShare, from RealTime Medical. The project demonstrates a cross-institutional, cross-system, prospective peer-review platform that has never been attempted before. In essence, these hospitals and radiologists are working collaboratively to catch human error and mistakes in diagnostic reporting.

With DiaShare, hospital executives are able to view the quality of radiology diagnostic reports in real-time and measure changes and improvements over time. “The pilot that we’ve undertaken with RealTime Medical is a real game-changer around the quality and safety agenda. Our experience with other systems we’ve used in the past is that they are static and retrospective,” said David Wormald, integrated assistant vice president for diagnostic services at HHS and SJHH, in a written statement.

I can see how this type of collaboration can work in Canada. The approach is innovative — but most importantly, the culture of the healthcare system in Canada permits this type of approach. This could also work in the United States if all the participating hospitals and radiologists were part of the same integrated system.”

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