DiaShare™ in the e-Health 2013 Interoperability Showcase

DiaShare™ in the e-Health 2013 Interoperability Showcase

RealTime Medical’s software solution, DiaShare™, will be leveraged at the e-Health 2013 Interoperability Showcase. Located in the heart of the exhibit hall, the showcase is a central feature of the e-Health 2013 Conference – Canada’s only national conference focused entirely on e-Health.

Journey Through Patient-Centric Care

The showcase, now in its seventh year, consists of clinical scenarios that have been re-designed to interactively lead attendees through a patient’s journey in the Canadian Healthcare System.

Our participation will be in the COPD scenario, which focuses on a typical Radiology use case. The patient receives an x-ray at a local facility, which is read by a remote radiologist, and then requires immediate follow-up. DiaShare™ – which enables interoperability – receives an order from a Merge RIS, moves images to a GE PACS viewer, and populates the study in the remote radiologist’s worklist for reporting. DiaShare™ then forwards the HL7 report to the GE PACS before it’s sent to a regional document repository.

Accelerate Change

If you plan to attend the 2013 e-Health Conference, you can find out more about RealTime Medical by visiting the showcase, and our staff would be pleased to answer your questions. We also welcome you to send us an email at software@realtimemedical.com

For more information about e-Health 2013: Accelerating Change, which runs from May 26 to 29 at the Ottawa Convention Centre, please visit the e-Health Conference website.

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