features RealTime Medical: “Proactive QA strategy can boost performance”

We are excited to announce that RealTime Medical was recently featured in an AuntMinnie Europe article titled “Proactive QA strategy can boost performance”. Find the full article here. Here are the article’s key takeaways:

RealTime Medical’s Quality Assurance, Improvement and Collaboration (QAIC™) software enables and manages multi-site, multi-member, anonymized peer-review networks. Our award-winning platform does so retrospectively and prospectively, across all RIS and PACS platforms. Combined with our next-generation workflow orchestration, coverage coordination and business intelligence solution DiaShare™, QAIC™ becomes a powerful QA engine:

  • Anonymization eliminates bias, and encourages participation

  • Adjustable sampling rates optimize effort, expense and likelihood of error

  • Prospective QA helps maintain expertise and competence

  • A formal QA process reduces the costly probability of complications, complaints, and litigation

  • Pre-distribution feedback increases confidence in results

  • Seamless integration with radiologists’ routine workflow increases adoption

The article describes at length its first successful application in a retrospective review by 21 radiologists working remotely of approximately 30,000 studies over a 60-day period across two health authorities.

Our breakthrough work in radiology QA continues to elicit strong interest in the academic, clinical and business communities. It is a hot topic indeed, with many retrospective reviews making headlines recently, e.g. mammography work in Quebec.

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